High Achieving Women

high achieving woman

You got this.

You try so hard at everything you do. You have dedicated your life to your accomplishments. It feels like a sigh of relief when others praise you for your ambition and dedication to others. Underneath, you also feel a sense of emptiness. No matter how hard you work, it always feels like something is missing. To others it might look like you have it all, but under all your busyness is the fear that you are not enough.

Part of you might be thinking, “What’s wrong with being a high achiever?” Especially, if you are doing something you enjoy. You’re right; we should honor your hard work, accomplishments, and natural gifts. However, we want to be sure you are acknowledging your whole self. We know that high achievement can become an issue when you’re neglecting your physical or mental health, only seeking validation from others, or when you can’t personally feel good about your achievements. When you ignore your health and wellbeing, it is just a matter of time before the mask of perfectionism will fall off leaving you feeling exposed, anxious, or depressed.

What if you could have it all? What if you could have your ambition and accomplishments, and also your health and feeling positive about yourself. The truth is you can have it all, and it starts with turning that dedication and strength inward and making friends with yourself. There is a diamond of wisdom within you that knows that being gentle and kind to yourself will provide a positive ripple effect on everything you touch, making your life holistically better. You might be able to accomplish more than you thought possible.

It can be scary to start thinking about embracing this new lifestyle. Especially when your identity and self-esteem is not based on your authenticity, but what you accomplish. Fear might be saying: What if the whole thing crumbles and doesn’t work? What if someone sees that I’m not the perfect coworker/boss/friend/partner/child/sibling they imagined me to be? This is the toxic thinking that keeps us stuck and stops us from growing. When we feel good enough, we begin to think, “This path is going to be new, challenging, and full of surprises but I know I have what it takes.”

You might not believe it, but you do have what it takes. In therapy, you will use your ambitious drive to create holistic wellness. As you begin to make space for your physical and mental health, you will feel more energized and focused. Some of those nagging health problems will be easier to manage, if not disappear. You will take the defeating self-talk that keeps you stuck and replace it with your truth: I am good enough and can handle anything. You will also learn compassion-based meditation practices to help reduce negative thoughts by inviting gentleness into your life. As you start to embrace your authentic-self, you will experience more peace, joy, and gratitude along with owning your accomplishments. You will have to wait and see, but the best part of this journey is learning to have love and gentleness toward yourself. This revelation makes anything possible.

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