Overcome Depression


Time to get unstuck…

You're feeling low and apathetic. Nothing seems to interest you anymore, and you've distanced yourself from your loved ones. You feel lonely, but you're also afraid of being a burden. You fluctuate between sleeplessness and oversleeping, leaving you irritable and tired. It feels impossible to concentrate or get anything done. Your appetite is out of whack, and you find yourself overeating or undereating. It seems like everything makes you feel guilty. Sometimes, it feels like it would be easier to give up. At times feel so hopeless you wonder if you'd be better off dead. You're tired of feeling stuck, drained, and worthless, and you wonder how you can get back on track. You wonder if you can even muster up the energy to make changes in your life to improve your mood. 

You're ready to try something new and learn to work with depression. We understand depression is a message from your body trying to communicate with you. It might be that you have a bodily imbalance, inflammation, high stress, or opportunities for growth. Sometimes when we get depressed, it's our body's way of saying it's time to let something go so you can grow in new ways. This might sound strange, but this is how your body communicates its needs to you. We're here to help you translate depression's messages so you can experience joy, authenticity, and connection. 

At Boketto Center, we offer a variety of evidence-based treatments to help you overcome depression, including psychotherapy, counseling, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. Contact us today for a free 15-minute consultation for holistic psychotherapy in Royal Oak, Michigan.