to gaze into the sky without a thought, losing oneself in the distance

( japanese )

We love people.

The true heart of compassion includes acceptance of all beings. Our office is open to people of all faiths, gender identities, sexualities, ethnicities, and races. We look forward to getting to know your preferences and serving you. We are always open to learning new ways of increasing inclusivity and safety for all who wish to be part of our community.

Our mission is to help women thrive in the present moment while feeling empowered to manage their health by providing comprehensive mental wellness services that are holistic and evidence-based. 

We are proud to be a woman owned, controlled, operated, and managed business.


Why evidence-based holistic health?

Every person’s journey to wellness is unique. Whether you’re struggling with high stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or physical health problems you can benefit from a mind-body healing methods. Science is showing us that treating bodily imbalances requires a whole body approach. All of our practitioners have had their own unique experiences in healing and are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge with you. We will ally with you to connect you to psychotherapists, workshops, groups, and other professionals in the community who will help you feel your best and live your best life. At Boketto Center, we understand it is an honor and privilege to be invited into your life and we look forward to serving you.